+1Gbps requires 10Gbe LAN or WAN Fiber Optic Card

For 2Gbps, we have to use 10Gbe as LAN NIC since we do not provide port bonding.

We need to know the following requirements:


1. Do they have single 2Gbps WAN link?

            If yes, then we need to order NIC with dual 10Gbe ports.

            If no, single 10Gbe ports will be enough.


2. Customer's switch 10gbe interface type(Is it CX4, RJ45, or LC port)?

            Based on their 10Gbe interface type,  we could order the corresponding 10Gbe NIC.

2.1.  Dual 10Gbps LC Interface


2.2 Single Port RJ45


2.3  Dual CX4 Ports



The motherboard and CPU spec will be based on latest Sandy Bridge Motherboard and CPU.




We greatly appreciate your feedback.

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