What can we expect in terms of bandwidth given the availability of different internet providers?
(This is for a non MPSEC FatPipe to FatPipe scenario - addresses sessions going to the Internet)

The FatPipe will be licensed with the total aggregate download speed of all lines.

Therefore, a single session will see the download speed of the line the session was established on.  They will not see the download speed of all lines bonded together. 

For example, if they had three WAN connections each at 10Mbps, that session would see a throughput of up to 10Mbps - not 30Mbps.  However, as they will not  be granting all sessions down one Internet connection as they are most likely doing now - a user/company will experience a higher overall throughput.  Meaning, as before stated, a single session will see the speed of the WAN connection it was established on and the company will see usage of all lines as all lines are now being used for diverse unique sessions.

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