Can the FatPipe perform Policy Based Routing using a Domain Name?

Yes, the FatPipe can build a policy for a session after reviewing the DNS resolver packet with the specified Domain Name.


Destination IP/Mask or Domain Name:

Specify a destination IP and mask (using bit notation). If you want to match an IP, use a /32 mask (e.g., If you want to match an entire subnet, use the network number with the network mask (e.g., If you want to match any IP, use an asterisk (*).

Specify Domain Name of the destination. E.g.,, and so on. At present, wild cards are not supported with the domain names.


If you always want traffic to this domain to use one WAN with failover to another, ensure in the outbound policy you set the traffic mode to "interface priority" and then the WAN wanted to be used first in line to be at the top of the Interface list.

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