How do you set up the physical connections for HA unit failover?
The physical setup consists of splitting the Ethernet connections from each router to the corresponding WAN interfaces of the two MPVPN units. This will require the use of a separate switch (or hub) for each router. For example, to setup the hardware for WAN1, you would connect a cable from the router to a switch, and then connect a cable from each of the WAN1 interfaces to the switch. This will allow communication between the router and both WAN1 interfaces. You would do the same between your LAN interfaces and your internal device (firewall or router).

To enable Unit Failover, select the Failover checkbox and enter the failover information as described below.

If separate switches are not available, this setup can also be emulated in a VLAN capable switch.  Ensure there is a VLAN setup up for each interface used on the FatPipe.  For example VLAN 200 would be set up that both WAN 2 interfaces and the corresponding ISP router would plug into.  VLAN 300 would be for the WAN 3 interfaces and the corresponding ISP router and another VLAN for the WAN 1 interfaces and corresponding ISP router. 
Another VLAN would then be set up for the LAN interfaces of the FatPipe that also the external interfaces of Firewalls would be plugged into.
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