HA Replacement Process

1.       Log-in to Production FatPipe via Live IP Address

a.       Pull Backup Configuration File

                                                               i.      System>General>Backup Settings*

1.       * - requires popups to be enabled as backup file will appear in browser

2.       Verify the version identifier in the backup Config Filename, as it should reflect the version of the current running release

                                                               i.      Locate Version in the Home Section of the FatPipe User Interface


3.       Connect Laptop to an Interface of the Upgrade Replacement (New) FatPipe, and set your IP Address inside the same subnet (beware of IP Conflict)

a.       Default IPs of a Default Settings FatPipe:

                                                               i.      LAN (eth0): /24

                                                             ii.      WAN1 (eth1): /24

                                                            iii.      WAN2 (eth2): /24

                                                           iv.      WAN3 (eth3): /24

                                                             v.      WAN4 (eth4) UF Only: /24

4.       To access the UI of the new FatPipe, input the IP address of the Corresponding Port into your web browser – use the Default Login Information Below:

a.       Username: Administrator

b.      Password: <blank>

5.       Verify Version Number

a.       Home Page

b.      Call or Email support@fatpipeinc.com to have a Support Representative convert the Configuration “Tar.gz” file from the Old Version to the New Version (provide the new Version info)

                                                               i.      A Support Representative with FatPipe will send back the newly converted Configuration “Backup File” via your preferred transfer method

c.       Once you have obtained the Configuration File meant for the Version of Software your New or Replacement FatPipe came with – you can now restore that configuration file

                                                               i.      System>General>Restore Settings*

1.       * - requires popups to be enabled in your browser

6.       The FatPipe will reboot, to take on the new Configuration

a.       Your Default IPs from the Previous Page will no longer be valid

b.      Your original IPs from the Configuration File restore will now be applied

                                                               i.      Change the IP address on your Laptop to regain access and follow the instructions on how to Setup the HA Pair – if not proceed to integration

7.       Integrating a Single-Unit (Non HA pair) FatPipe

a.       BE AWARE OF ARP TABLE CHANGE          

                                                               i.      After connecting the WAN and LAN interfaces to their appropriate neighbor devise, reboot the adjacent devices to clear their ARP cache, and upon completion of bootup process of Neighbor Devices, the Upstream and Downstream Routers, Firewalls, or Switches should have now have the New updated MAC address of the FatPipe

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