How do I overcome JAVA login issues with browser add-on extension?

When you use JAVA versions of FatPipe 7.1.2 or 6.1.2, you will come across error in browser that prevents to login. To resolve this:

In IE: Internet Options (Settings)  ->  Privacy  ->  Settings  ->  Add IP

In Firefox: Options ->  Security  ->  General  ->  Exception

In Java: Configure Java (Java Control Panel)  -> Security ->  Edit Site List… -> Add

In Internet Explorer:

On Internet explorer go to Settings and Internet Options as below:

In internet options, click on Security and then Site. You need to add IP with https:// and click on Add

Click on Close and Ok. Close the browser to apply the changes.

Now open Configure JAVA in your computer. Please Use 32-bit JAVA Suggested: Version8 Update40

Easiest way to get this version is from

Go to Security tab and click on Edit Site List.

Click Add and enter IP address as highlighted in image below and click on OK and Apply.

Reopen the browser and you will get the login screen as shown below:

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