Procedure for setting the client up for Auto-Configure

Connect to the device using a Google Chrome using IP address

User ID is Administrator (note the capital A in Administrator) no password.

On LAN interface tab under LAN Aliases select Add

Enter LAN IP address, subnet mask (typically

No need to change the MTU size

Select ok and then save.

The new IP alias will be displayed below

Select the WAN1 tab

Add the ISP address name (if available)

Under WAN IP Settings select the one of the following:

Obtain an IP address automatically using DHCP

Specify an IP address

If using DHCP

Select save and move on to the next interface, if applicable.

Once all the IP addresses are configured per the ISP specifications, move on to Auto Configuration section under System

Enter the device name (usually the site name).

Select Add and enter the remote side name, IP address and keys (a predetermined string of characters will be provided ) Once that is completed, select ok.

On the Auto configuration portion select the services that will be downloaded (Information will be provided as to which ones to select)

Select: save

Auto configuration for the branch is now complete.

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