Does the FatPipe support ADS, Active Directory services?

ADS service on FatPipe can be used to make work easy for Administrators and users of FatPipeā€™s. Instead of creating a separate user name and password, administrators can provide rights to a user for logging into the FatPipe using their default sign on for their Computer.

To configure ADS, click on System button in the main menu and select Active Directory Services tab.

To add information about ADS server to FatPipe, select Add button and a window will pop out to put the details.

Click on save button to make the changes permanent.

Server Name
Add name you wish to assign to the ADS server on FatPipe.

Server Port
Port number ADS server is on.

Group String
Any name given to the group using FatPipe.

Server IP
IP address of the ADS server.

Base DN
Place where server will search for users

Use FatPipe Windows API
Select this option to tell the administrator about logged in users.
To edit any details in ADS server information, select it from the list and hit on Edit button click on save button to make the changes permanent.

To Display the list of all the users pointed to access FatPipe, select Users tab in Active Directory Services.

To get the list of different groups that can access FatPipe. Select Active Directory Services from System button and click on Groups tab to have them displayed.

Logged IN Users
The number of users that are logged into FatPipe will be displayed here. User Name, IP address, Logged in Time and Date will be displayed.. This will make it easy for the administrator to track who is logging into the FatPipe.

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