Does the FatPipe have the ability to enable a policy based upon the time of day?

All policy routing rules will be followed at all times unless you specify times and days for specific policies to run using the Scheduler. If you want a particular rule to be followed, including QoS rules, during a specific period, then it can be scheduled using the scheduler.
To provide a schedule, enable the Scheduler by checking the Scheduler checkbox. The scheduler allows for configuring a schedule on a weekly basis. Every cell represents an hour of the day. You can select a cell by clicking on it wherein it will turn green. Clicking on a selected cell will de-select it. You can choose multiple cells by click-dragging the mouse over the cells. To select all the cells, click on the Select all button. To clear all the cells click on the Clear all button. Click on the OK button to return to the Inbound Policy page. Click on SAVE button to make the changes permanent.

Note: Rule matching is done from the top to the bottom of the rule list. If a packet matches more than one rule, then the routing will be decided based on the first rule that matches it from the top. So the order of the rules is very important. You can change the order of a rule by choosing the rule and moving it to the top, or one level up or down, or to the bottom by clicking the appropriate buttons on the left of the rules list.
To edit an outbound policy rule, select it from the list and click on the Edit button, click on SAVE button to make the changes permanent.

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