The FatPipe device is not properly utilizing both do we match bandwidth on all aggregate Circuits?
Issue:  FatPipe is granting sessions to use only one connection for 95% of the traffic instead of balancing traffic across multiple ISPs.

Resolution: FatPipe is a session-based load balancer, and can only mirror "Bandwidth" across multiple ISPs when that traffic is "book-ended", where it is a FatPipe to FatPipe Scenario.

By default, all sessions get placed on a specific ISP/Circuit/WAN connection by the following methods:
Round Robin: Round Robin algorithm balances sessions in a simple rotating order
Response Time: Response Time algorithm balances sessions based on each line's average response time for Internet requests. The line with the lowest latency will be used more often
Fastest Route: Fastest Route balances traffic based on each session's destination. There is slight overhead with this algorithm since SYN packets get sent out all lines for each session
Weighted: Weighted algorithm balances traffic proportionally based on user-defined weights. Each WAN interface needs to be assigned a weight. The ratio of these weights determines the ratio of sessions on each line

Now, when it comes to moving traffic over from one circuit, over-utilized or not, then you will want to direct traffic out those Specific WANs using an Outbound Policy and setting it for "interface priority" traffic mode.

The FatPipe grants a session to a specific WAN by utilizing the methods above.  If outbound policies are in place, and utilizing more bandwidth than other circuits, using the Weighted option is the best choice. Since FatPipe grants the session, it all depends on what destination(s) the session goes to, which can increase the bandwidth amounts you see in Speed Chart depending on what resources it is utilizing via Upload/Download.

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