System Requirements for Virtual Fatpipe

64 bit or 32 bit host operating system

Supported virtual machine platforms are "Oracle VirtualBox 4X", "VMWare Player 2X","VMWare Server 2X", "VMWare ESXi 5.0"

At least 2 GB of ram dedicated to the virtual machine

At least 2 network cards Ethernet(preferably Intel based network controller chipsets 825X family) based(for
  LAN and WAN1 of fatpipe, additional can be added)

At least 20 GB of dedicated hard drive space reserved for the virtual machine

CPU must support Intel® VT-x virtualization technology(for 32 bit hosts only) as we are running a 64 bit Operating System on a 32 bit host operating system.Below link is a list of Intel processors that support virtualization technology.(

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